Sunday, 7 April 2013

Finally some warmer weather!

Managed to finally get the allotment today after a hiatus of about two months due to various issues and the prevailing terrible weather we have been having.

Got the first earlies in - swift and premier and harvested some leeks, rhubarb ( some of it had exploded) and also some daffodils which have cheered the house up. Also pruned the black currants and the blueberries and gave the strawberries a haircut and a feed.

Due to the amount of prep I had done before Christmas the place itself wasn't looking too bad at all, not too many weeds to be seen and the ground seems to be warming up nicely.

Allotment in April-starting to look a bit more lively!


  1. Does you good to get some fresh air in your lungs, doesn't it! I put the potatoes in yesterday too. Our rhubarb showed buds about a month ago, but has just stopped in it's tracks - so late this year!

    Hopefully with this slightly warmer spell, things will get moving.