Saturday, 5 January 2013


I started on building better supports for the raspberries today - in the past they've leaned over the paths and over each other generally making it really hard to pick.

Well no more as I have now come up with a cunning plan which should keep the canes in order.


The flood has receded from the majority of the plots which is good news for the owners but the soil looks pretty saturated.

Signs of spring are definately on the way as the rhubarb has just started peeking through .... not long till the first rhubarb crumble.


  1. Drat - knew there was something that I forgot to do today!

    There's a really early rhubarb crown (behind what is laughingly known as the compost bin) and I bet it's putting shoots up too.

  2. I only checked mine as someone on the forum said theirs was up.