Saturday, 24 November 2012

Others people's squash.....

Piggle checking out this year's harvest

So far so bad this weekend as I have devoted my day to wrapping the mammoth musa in the garden. We did pull a few minute bananas off it,does that count as an edible? I cheated on my own squash by indulging in two from Kenyon Hall, one is a Crown Prince the other looks like one of Ghosts from Pacman. On the upside the communal c&&p pile has returned so there will be regular raids on that from now on. In fact I have already had 5 barrows of it so far so it's an IOU for the committee.

To do list:
Mulch the raspberries - done 23rd Dec
Raid the pile - raided 1st Dec
Cut down and mulch Asparagus -done 1st Dec
Somewhere to sit and contemplate - started
Order the tatties - done
Edging - ongoing but nearly done

Getting through this slowly - rain allowing!

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